Particularly since I'll be blogging over at SevenDeadlyDivas, I think I might try and make this be a weekly thing. We shall see. As Al Swearengen would say, "Announcing your plans is a good way to hearĀ god laugh."

Me, Elsewhere

9. Paladin Gerard The next installment of Choose (my interactive steampunk webserial). We're well into Volume 3 at this point and we meet here one of Hank's most useful disguises.

Poll Post Along with every installment, there's a post explaining the poll and inviting commentary from voters. This week, we find out which character starts the ball rolling on the explanation bandwagon. SOMEONE has to do it, otherwise Remora's just going to keep talking about groceries.

Morality and Pokemon My SevenDeadlyDivas post, in which I ponder the morality of Pokemon, and explain how I used fanfiction to find a "fix" for what I saw as a broken moral issue.

Other Folks, Who Said It Better Than I Ever Could

A Table Full of Books TedTheThird talks about how he now sees books - and how he'd feel if he saw his own book on a garage sale table for $.25.

25 Things Every Writer Should Know Chuck Wendig may not have the most polite verbiage I've ever read, but that's part of his charm for me. (NSFW language). Love this post. His blog really sucks unicorns.

Realistic Dino Costume Video (NSFW language and possibly sidebar pictures). Dude. I want this costume like yesterday.