Okay, so normally I don't inflict my dreams on you guys

1) I only remember fragments most of the time, and who wants to hear about a FRAGMENT of a dream where I was turned into a zombie by Bruce Willis?

2) I kind of like that you guys see me as mostly sane. The dream where I was escaping a feudal lord through Japan on a horse that sometimes turned into a golf cart would tarnish that shining illusion.

3) Neither of us really has time for all this nonsense.


Last night, I dreamed up an incredibly vivid and real TV commercial for Suave shampoo and conditioner, starring Ellen DeGeneres and I want to share it with you.

Besides, this would totally rock as a commercial.

Ze Commercial

So, fade in to Ellen against an empty white background, with sudsy wet hair. She's making an "I'm not so sure about this" face. :/

Clip of her with "normal", pretty shiny hair. She's sitting on a couch in a comfy-looking room and she's telling you this story about how Suave asked her to do a commercial for their shampoo and conditioner.

Next clip is her with just wet hair. Again with the :/

Back to the conversation. She mimes a sort of growing gesture on either side of her head, saying she'd agreed, but only if the product can give her full, lustrous hair.

Next clip is zoomed in close on her face, so you can't see her hair.

As she talks, the camera slowly pans back to reveal more of her hair. "These people," she explains, "you clearly have to be a little more specific with. If you say you want big hair, they give you big hair."

The camera pans back all the way and you can see her with this GIANT mane of glorious hair, out in all directions at least a foot. She's wearing some kind of drapey gown accented with glittering rhinestones and bling (heh, BadKitteh knows where THAT aspect came from) . A few scarf-lengths of the jeweled bits actually cross up over her shoulder and become part of the hairdo.

She looks striking and awesome and somehow gorgeous instead of ridiculous, but crimunettlies, that's SOME kind of hairdo. She'd have to turn and walk sideways just to go through a doorway.

Anyway, the commercial ends with a quick product promo shot and the Suave Logo.

After it fades to black, dreaming-me is treated to a behind-the-scenes interview with the hairstylist (a hefty woman with really pretty brown hair, long and curly) who grins mischievously and explains how she did the hairstyle and how much fun it was when Ellen finally saw what they'd done.

That's It

Well, for the commercial. I remember spending the rest of the dream as part of a team of three horse-riding bank robbers, trying to escape the law with our ponies through some heavy industrial cargo area slash Wild West hotel room and saloon. At the end, I was saved from drowning by a mermaid.

(Again, you see why I don't normally blog about my dreams)

Your turn!

Any fun dreams (or even fragments of dreams) that you've had lately that you'd like to share? All bets are off. I pulled out the transforming golf cart horse thing, so you're free to discuss anything you wouldn't be ashamed of my Grandmother or a little kid reading.