The Arrival, a Photolog

My eReader from the Smart Bitches Test Drive arrived! *giddy*

Ooooh, the lovely cover, the enchanting display…tell them what they’ve won, Vanna!

QUICK start guide? They call this a quick start guide?

Ahahahaha, instructions are for the weak!

I’ll let the cat read them, and he’ll let me know if there’s anything important in there.

23 thoughts on “The Arrival, a Photolog”

  1. Lmao, nicely done.

    I love the look in the “quick start” pic. I get that look every year, late on Dec 24th… I call it “some assembly required”.

  2. OMG – BWAAAAHAHAHAHAH. Your reaction to the “quick start” guide was like mine – cat included. For something that’s actually easy to use, I gotta wonder why the start-up and setup instruction page is so incredibly long-winded.

  3. @Dechion
    Ha! Perfect name for it!

    *laughs* I think so! I do have a few things, now that I’ve twiddled with it, that I want answered. (I didn’t REALLY throw it away)

    @SB Sarah
    *laughs* And so hard to fold!


  4. lol.

    Also, I’m surprised your postal service can deliver *anything* with the text backwards. Does FedEx do that special for Wisconsin?

  5. @Brad-O
    It’s a Wisconsin thing. You poor Texan, you couldn’t possibly understand.

    (These were taken by Athena, my mac laptop. Apparently there are smoke and mirrors involved in the process.)

  6. I don’t think I even got my directions all the way open…I have a tendency to read “Step 1″ and kind of take it from there…which can sometimes lead to disaster!

    So, did the cat figure things out?

  7. @Tami,

    Don’t let Athena near the other laptops. She’s a bad Apple. (…I tried. Did I do a bad Jobs?)

  8. Try as he might, Fluffy could make neither hide nor hair of the paper in front of him… he pouted.

    “If only they had wrote these instructions in ‘Cat’onese!” he yowled in frustration.

  9. @Melonie
    No, sadly, he didn’t find a thing. In his defense, I believe he was reading the side in French.

    *laughs* Glad you enjoyed!

    My sinuses are bleeding. That was HORRIBLE! How do you come up with these?! *involuntarily laughing*

    Ahahaha. Nice!

  10. @Tami,

    As a young child, I was sent to a punnery. It was run by a nun dressed as John Cleese. Really, it explains most of my life.

  11. @Brad-O
    Yes…it does indeed.

    Though I have to wonder at the fact that it was a nun dressed as John Cleese and not John Cleese dressed as a nun.

  12. Haha, yep that was my reaction to my new phone’s manual :D Those things are for when you’re bored, a year after you’ve gotten rid of the device in question and are clearing out some rubbish. “Oh, that’s how you do that…”

    Those gloves are ADORABLE, I know a girl who would like a similar pair. Details! :D

  13. @Trukkle
    *lovemuffins* The gloves are from one of my indulgences – Sockdreams.com


    That’s the exact product. I got three sets of arm warmers when I got these, and the Harajuku ones I got are my favorite.


    The entire site comes highly recommended, and anyone who appreciates awesome photography of socks/shoes/paraphanalia will spend happy hours there.

  14. Hilarious! I’m a fellow test driver, and I didn’t even open those instructions up all the way. NOPE. Wasn’t gonna open it so I didn’t have to fold that silly thing back up!

  15. @Sabrina
    *laughs* I’ll admit, it took a good deal longer to fold back up than to unfold. I’m afraid to go in and check the instructions for a few questions I’ve got, in case I can’t repeat the miracle!

  16. I wonder if any of us read the instructions? I know I glanced at mine and tossed them with the same abandon as pictured.

  17. @lizm
    *laughs* I don’t think so. Leastaways, not based on the feedback in the email group!

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